Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 8/27/2013

So it’s the last comics wrap up of summer. Definitely going to keep these coming, mostly because it’s easy, but also because it makes me focus a little bit more on the books and think vaguely critically about them.

But anyway, that’s an explanation or another day when I’m not on vacation and super hung over.

So let’s dive in.

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All New X-Men #31

In the Ultimate Universe Tony Stark and some kid are talking about an interdimensional doorway that the kid built. But then it collapses in on itself. Then Warren and Laura show up and everyone knows that they’ve been, well, you know, but Warren won’t share the details, and Laura is embarrassed but of course her embarassment manifests in her like being really surly and violent because she’s Laura. Jean tries to be friends and bond, but Laura won’t have it. Anyway, Hank starts playing around with portals too, and the original five wind up searching for mutants. But then Jean lands in the Ultimate Universe smack dab in the middle of New York and in front of Miles Morales! Yay!

The Amazing Spider-Man #1.4: “Learning to Crawl: Part 4”

Peter has started his career as a photographer. Spider-Man is kind of not happening at all anymore. Clash is still annoyed that everyone thinks he’s a Spider-Man rip off, so he obviously attacks the Daily Bugle, and Spider-Man fights him. Jameson declares Clash the real menace and Peter cries on Uncle Ben’s grave. So that’s where we are.

Avengers #34: “The Last Avenger”

Cap reaches the end of time and talks to Krang about infinity gems. He reclaims the time gem and goes back to his own time and hooks up with Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor and some others who I don’t really know and declares that they have to take out The Illuminati. There are also some fights with Krang. Look, I just can’t wait until Avengers gets to the status quo it needs to be at so that Sam and whoever picks up the hammer are in the Avengers, I’m glad the time travel storyline is over, because it was starting to wear thin. It was very cool though. Also, this is title is a fun one.

Guardians of The Galaxy #18

Gamora has Peter tied up and is asking him about why he’s failed to kill Thanos, and what happened to Richard Ryder, who is of course a Nova, and comics original Nova. Anyway, Ryder and Peter fought Thanos in the Cancerverse and got a hold of the Cosmic Cube. Then Drax (who they thought was dead, but wasn’t) joined the fight. Then the cube took control of Peter and now we have to wait a month to find out what happened. Which is a major bummer.

Thor And Loki: The Tenth Realm #4

Thor is being tortured by the Queen of Heven as Loki takes her forces to attack Asgaurd. Angela realizes that something fishy may be going on, but also vows never to leave Heven again. Thor brings a thunder storm to Heven which causes chaos because of course it does. Meanwhile, Loki is just using the soldiers of Heven to get to Asgard and find Odin. So that’s fun. Now Odin’s in the game and things are more than likely going to change.

So that’s this week. No posts for the next two days, because VACATION! (In a beach house with no web access.) See you on Wednesday!

DC Comics Wrap Up: 8/27/2014

So many things happened this week. Just so many things, all over the place, with the happening, and the things! And the AGH! OK, I’m not even going to preamble at this point, we’re just going to dive right in.

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Batman Beyond Universe #13: “Mark of The Phantasm Part 1”

Sometimes, I think that Kyle Higgins sits around and wonders what would interest me specifically, because his books speak so very much to me. As if it weren’t enough to see Terry battling The Phantasm and finding out that it was Joe Chill’s grandson Jake who killed his father (and has been acting as his partner), we got a fun little flashback to the weeks following Return Of The Joker, where Dick came back to Gotham, he and Barbara got back together but then she found out she was pregnant with Bruce’s baby and got beat up in an alley while Dick and Bruce fought about it. Wait? I’m sorry, was that actually a plot line in an actual Batman comic and not just something that I wrote in my journal after drinking champagne and watching B:TAS, because, I’m pretty sure it’s that second one. But no, this is a really thing. I was sitting in Applebees, reading this book, biting my fist so as not to squeal audibly. I’m assuming Babs miscarries, but who even knows at this point?

Batman Superman #13: “Eye of Satanus”

So Batman and Superman both land in Gotham with no memories. Superman is naked. Catwoman finds him. Again, I feel like I’m reading fanfiction here people, but in the best possible way. Then Lois is also in Gotham for reasons, so that’ll be nice and complicated. Meanwhile, Batman fights Scarecrow, and it turns out that no memories, also means no fear. And no memories also means a Batman who gets how cool it is to be Batman, and loves being Bruce Wayne…so basically memory wiped Batman is Dick as Batman. Obviously I’m OK with this.

Catwoman #34: “Remote Life”

Selina decides to get Alice out to celebrate their race of thieves win, and Alice suggests checking out a creepy old murder museum that they might buy as a safe house. Selina is game, and it turns out that one of Alice’s gaming buddies has been hiding out there, trying to nerd seduce Alice out of her tech. Selina catches on that everything isn’t on the up and up and our girls make it out with his tech instead. Again, love reading this book every month, so much fun. Adore Alice’s steampunk look. Curious about the new direction come October.

The Flash #34: Collision Course

Barry finds the killer he was looking for! Hooray! But Patty is mad because he doesn’t make time for her anymore. (I am so over this plot I die!) Barry promises to make more time for her in the future (I somehow don’t see that working out.) and then goes off to get Iris and Wally in to see Iris’s brother. The brother tells Wally to quit being such a crummy JD, but it turns out only because Barry paid him. 5 years in the future, the Reverse Flash (who in New 52 is Daniel West, which is a cool reinvention, I have to say) is trying to kill Wally and Iris for reason I presume will be laid out? Maybe? Anyway, crazy blue suited future Flash is going to try to stop him. I kind of liked that the last few pages were 5 years in the future, because we haven’t hear anything about Flash in Future’s End…so there’s that.

Future’s End #17

MASKED SUPERMAN IS BILLY BATSON AND EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW THAT’S WHY HE WAS BEING SUCH A DICK! Anyway, real Superman just emerged from the sea with a beard, and Superman with a beard is always great, so I can’t wait to see what happens there. Also, Constantine and Co. are tracking that robot that crashed, and is now running around killing everything in it’s path. Emiko and Barda and Diggle are headed for OMAC island, where Grifter is starting to get a handle on his powers and Hawkgirl is really mad, and no one knows where Mr. Miracle is. No Terry again, and he was barely in Beyond. (Not that I noticed, I mean, BARBARA PREGNANT WITH BRUCE’S BABY which is why she and Dick couldn’t make it work! I cannot reiterate enough how amazing this is.)

Secret Origins #5: “Cyborg,” “Red Hood,” “Mera”

Vic Stone was a high school all star quarter back who’s dad wanted him to be a scientist. They fought about this alot. Then he almost died in an explosion and Dr. Stone rebuilt Vic as a Cyborg. They still fight but they love each other. I love Cyborg, so it was cool to see his story from his perspective.

Jason! Yay! Angry kid Jason stole drugs from Leslie Thompkins instead of the tires off the Batmobile. I like this change. Bruce brought him home, showed him the Batcave, trained him as Robin. They argued about Jason’s rage. Jason tries to track down his biological mom, gets murdered by the Joker instead. Superboy Prime punches time. Jason is alive in his coffin. Talia gives Jason a bath in a Lazarus Pit and trains him as an assassin. Jason come back to Gotham, kills some people. Jason and Bruce make up, he’s an outlaw. Streamlining his story is never a bad plan, it’s just, I know this particular song by heart.

Mera, more interesting than I expected, though I don’t know why I’m surprised since I know nothing about that character. Anyway, she was trained her whole life to kill Aquaman, but when she meets him, she can’t because he’s such a swell guy. Turns out that’s not what her father wanted at all, he just wanted a way to get her away from her royal duties so she could have a life. I kind of loved this story.

Superman #34: “The Men of Tomorrow Chapter 3: Ulysses”

Ulysses and Superman talk to his parents about why they gave their kid up. Superman promises to help them in anyway he can. It’s all very sweet and feelingsy. Later, Ulysses and Clark talk about dreams for a little bit and again with the feelings. I’m glad Clark has a friend and all, but we didn’t need two of these scenes in one book. Anyway, the two go out to fight crime and meet The Machinist, who’s really creepy. After their fight Ulysses kills The Machinist, who it turns out was using an innocent person as a decoy. So let’s see where this all goes.

That’s all for this week kids! See you tomorrow for Marvel.!



Cosplay Explosion!

Cosplay has been a part of my life far longer than I knew it was called cosplay, back when I just called it “playing dress up.”

I was the girl that always wanted to play dress up. I planned my Halloween costumes starting in midsummer. I tried to recruit (usually with dismal results) my friends into group costumes. Long after I quite dance, I would go to recitals and salivate over the costumes. Theater quenched my thirst for a very long time. And of course, once my mom took over a lot of the costuming on the shows that my sister and I did, well, that helped even more. I still put way more thought and energy into Halloween than any of my friends (save Katie. Katie does magical things on Halloween. MAGICAL!)

It’s bled over into my life in a big way, but still only at one time of year. Costumes, at least for myself, belong to the fall. I realized that this year, I have 7 occasions for wearing costumes and I’m really excited about it.

First is tomorrow. I’ve talked about Lead East, a vintage car show and 50’s theme weekend that I attend with Katie every year. Luckily, it’s never too hard to come up with something to wear there. If I don’t have something, Katie’s mom will. Also, 50’s style is easy to ape, even with modern clothes, especially if you’re me and Cardigans and capri leggings make up 60% of your wardrobe, and you own 6 waist cinching

Then there’s the 4 days of Comic Con, which I planned on dressing up for all of. (I’ve since backed off on this, but I’ll get there.) Last year, I had a lot of success with my Supergirl costume, and was looking forward to getting creative again this year. I was nearly finished with one of my chosen costumes anyway, and I’m really excited now that I only need a few extra pieces for it.

And then there’s Halloween. These days I generally give the least amount of attention to Halloween. I’m happy enough with how store bought costumes fit me these days to just toss a cute one on, but I’m still picky enough that I’m going to look for something that’s at least decently made. Luckily, this year, there’s a Spirit Halloween opening on the way back to my house from the gym, so there’s no way I won’t be stopping in a few times to pick something up! Yay!

And then finally there’s my birthday party, which, for the past few years, has been a themed costume party. It started with my Super Hero Themed 25th, and last year exploded with a Great Gatsby Themed 26th. I mean, really, I had more fun in my beaded gown, and I’ve never seen my friends get quite so into something as that. This year, well, this year is going to be a lot of fun.

So obviously, I’ve made a lot of work for myself (and my mother, who somehow, winds up cleaning up my messes…), and it’s cool, because it’s work that I enjoy and that I get an immense amount of enjoyment out of it. But I realized that I was going to have to do some combining at some point.

I didn’t expect the combination to come the way that it did. I really didn’t expect that the combination would come with Lead East and Comic Con.

Tomorrow, as I head out to Parsippany, I’m going to be dressed as Betty from the Archie Comics series, in a Riverdale High cheerleading uniform, put together courtesy of a cheap polo I bought from K-Mart, some iron on letters and my mother being ridiculous and making me 2 skirts, one, that didn’t quite fit and that’s color was off, and the one that I’ll be wearing.

I’m so overwhelmingly excited to wear this costume, not just to Lead East but to New York Comic Con in October. I may redo the shirt in between, depending on how it photographs, but I’m very excited.

As for the rest of Comic Con, I’m finally getting to wear the Black Canary costume that I’ve been working on since January. I have a leotard (and booty shorts to wear under it.) I have fishnets, I have combat boots, I have a cool zippy leather vest thing that’s going over the leotard. I have a leather jacket, I have a wig. I basically just need fingerless gloves, and I’m all set. I’m even more excited about this because Aless is planning on doing Zatana. As for my hope of doing Sailor Mars, I’m putting it on hold, I’ve gotten back to the gym, but the pieces I have to put it together I won’t feel comfortable wearing unless I lose 10 pounds. That’s not out of the question, but well, you get it. Day 4, I’m going to wear clothes, like just my clothes, either a dress or a nerdy tee shirt, or whatever. But 4 days of costumes is a lot.

Halloween. No clue. No idea what I want to do. Can’t wait for the Halloween Stores to open so that I can shop and get ideas.

And my birthday this year is going to be the biggest ever. I made the event for the party on facebook last night. This year’s theme is HBO! Basically, this is because I wanted to do Game of Thrones, so that I could dress up as Maegery, but it was pointed out that if you are lazy or not into Game Of Thrones that’s a tough theme. So we expanded out, and now all HBO originals are fair game.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m really excited!

So what’s next Marshmallows?

Veronica Mars

I didn’t know what I was going to write about for today’s post. I know I start off that way far too often. My I didn’t feel like going to see Sin City or watching Assault On Arkham, both of which I know I need to get to. So, I was flipping through the channels, hoping for some kind of inspiration, and luckily Veronica Mars was on HBO.

Like I said, I worry about what the Veronica Mars revival will do for a lot of other pop culture that should have been put to bed, but I love the series and it’s world enough that I can put my misgivings aside and just enjoy that I’m getting new content to obsess over. And the movie is proving to be more satisfying each time I watch it. (I think this was watch number 6? I stopped counting.) And that means that I get more and more excited for the upcoming bits and pieces we’re getting as a fandom.

Obviously, there’s the new book. I really enjoyed The Ten Thousand Dollar Tan Line, and I’m interested in seeing what happens in Mr. Kiss And Tell, due to hit my Kindle on October 28. I don’t have any scoopy plot details because I want to be surprised, but I’m excited to see who comes back (Please be Duncan, Please be Duncan!) what mystery V has to solve and what’s next for our whole gang.

But that’s not the big news and I think any V-Mars fan knows that it’s not. I mean, the books are news and they are awesome. But they’re not what the big news is.

The bigs news is Play It Again, Dick, which is the web series that Rob Thomas promised us back in the kickstarter days. The show was always going to be for Ryan Hansen, and was always going to be about Dick Casablancas. But that was all we knew.

Now we know more and it’s all so beautiful.

Play It Again, Dick is going to be about Ryan Hansen (the actor) trying to put together his own Veronica Mars  spin off about Dick. It will center on his fundraising efforts and trying to recruit his old cast mates. Just about everyone but Teddy Dunn is attached (although there will apparently be a replacement Duncan, which HILARIOUS!) It’s going to be fun, and funny and everything that we could want.

I should explain that the reason that I didn’t write about this earlier is because I got all of my fangirl gushing about it out a few hours after I learned the information, as I hung out with Nancy Sue that night.

Anyway, I’m excited for both of these things, and I will cover them in detail when they come out. But for now. See you around.

Time To Get Personal: On Girly-ness

The inception of this post was going to be talking about the podcasts that I’ve been listening to, and why I like them, why other people should check them out, and that sort of thing.

Then I listened to Less Than Live With Kate Or Die, Kate Lethe’s amazing podcast about comics and feminism and funny things, and I realized that:

  1. I listen to a lot of podcasts that are just dudes talking about comedy
  2. I don’t know when I became that person.

So I actively started seeking out podcasts that were hosted by women, and of course stuck with Kate, started listening to Call Chelsea Peretti, and reaffirmed my love for Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend. But the main thing that I’m loving about Kate’s podcast, twitter and tumblr is that I’m starting to find more people who are into the things that I’m into, and are women and enjoy them as women.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m really, really, girly. And it’s for that reason that I kind of kept my mouth shut up my love of geek culture for a long time. Because even though I knew other girls that were into those things, (One of my college roommates, Beth, especially.) those kick ass awesome women weren’t so much into like shopping, and shoes, and glitter. So I convinced myself that these were two aspects of my personality that just didn’t belong together.

There was Reenie who liked to be girly, and Reenie who like superheroes, and Star Wars, never the twain shall meet.

Then Doctor Who came into my life and I realized, maybe not everything has to be separated, because women love this show, and they love it the way I watched women love One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl. But still, it took another two years for me to realize that these girls and women are out there in every fandom I’m into!

And while yes, the fabulous ladies on the internet I’ve been tracking lately are a part of it, there are also amazing women in my life, who over the past two years or so, I’ve realized fangirl hard on various things.

Aless, obviously. But I’ve talked about that. You guys know our origin story. But, Lisa, one of my best friends from my second senior year of college, another Whovian, but also super into Marvel stuff. Joanna, one of the TomFools, is a massive Star Wars fangirl. My sister, Mary, is obviously my foremost authority on all things Coheed & Cambria and I defy anyone to go toe to toe with her when it comes to Harry Potter. My friend Sumona, who you have to tap if you want to know about comedy or YA Literature. Nancy Sue, there for all things Veronica Mars, and Katherine for TV, just TV in general. Christine, my cousin’s wife for A Song of Ice And Fire. I could keep going.

This isn’t to dismiss the other women in my life, the more, for lack of a better term, Tom-Boyishish ones who also love these kinds of things. Chrissy, Beth as I mentioned before, Jen. I love nerding out with these women, I love living life with these women, but these were also the women who looked at me and rolled their eyes as I staggered out in my way too high heels, or looked at me blankly when I discussed Anna Wintour’s influence on my life. (Massive, hugely massive!)

So I’m really happy that I’ve found my niche here. I’ll wear my Her Universe dresses and talk about shipping and keep campaigning for Black Widow, Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman. I’m going to keep watching Sailor Moon and sing the praises of Gail Simone! And I’m going to hug the women in my life. I’m going to love them for the ways they’re the same as me and different than me, and for accepting who I am.

So, that’s what I’m feeling at the moment.

Batman Eternal17-20

photo (25)

Can you believe how fast these months come and go? So here we are in yet another month of, trying to figure out who framed Jim Gordon, lots of punching, some truly adorable Jason and Barbara moments and of course one giant Spoiler alert.

So, we learned more about Deacon Blackfire and Joker’s Daughter in 17, and thankfully, Batwing and Spectre put the hurt on him. Meanwhile, Julia and Alfred fought some more about his career choices and really? How much longer do we have to put up with this? When is she going to figure out that Bruce Wayne is Batman? Also, Harper and Tim torture a monkey, but sadly do not kiss.

In 18, we learn that a bunch of sweatshop kids are making Batman figures, who in Portuguese, Jason calls, “Vampire Hero,” which is frankly, the cutest thing in the entire world. Jason Bard is arresting anyone who looks at him wrong, and Julia goes to a punk show. Bard and Batman head down into the sewers to find killer croc, which makes for a cool fight. I love Croc in a big way, and Gordon worries now that Penguin and Falcone are in lock up with him. Jason, is of course, royally not cool with this sweatshop thing, because he’s Jason. Also, he tells Kate that there’s no stopping Batgirl because she’s fighting for her father.

Which makes 19 just that much better. After being hypnotized, Barbara starts hallucinating that Jason is The Joker and starts beating the snot out of him. This is an incredible scene. And when Jason manages to talk her down they hug and it’s great. I like that these two are getting along better these days. I also like that Jason remembers that on first meeting one another, Barbara told Jason that “you’re not Dick Grayson and you never will be.” Which is true, but totally harsh. Also, there’s a prison riot.

During the prison riot, Leo The Lion, who is sharing a cell with Gordon rips out some guys throats with his teeth, which was needlessly graphic. This isn’t Wonder Woman, I’m not interested in seeing that here. Croc leads Batman and Bard to some masked bad guy, and an interdimensional portal, which, eh, fine. I don’t need extra dimensions in this story, they’re everywhere else. Anyway, some assassin kills the South American witness, but Batwoman got all the evidence they needed anyway. Again there’s a super cute scene where Jason and Barbara hug and he’s playing with a “vampire hero” action figure. Seriously, loving their vibe.

So that’s this month’s Eternal. I wish I had more to say about it, and you’d think that I would given the Babs and Jason centric nature of the last few issues.


Did I not mention that Stephanie is now officially Spoiler?

So yeah, with a big splashy splash page on the end of #20, we get Stephanie Brown, back in full purple and black, face covered, the whole deal. Cluemaster beware, your sixteen year old daughter is on it.

So that’s where we are. Seriously, I had trouble following the main Gotham plot and I think there’s something happening in Blackgate with Harper and Cullen’s dad, which I could care less about. But mostly, Jason and Barbara, working through their issues, hallucinating the joke, and of course, Spoiler.


Take A Deep Breath, The Doctor Is Back

OK, so, good week for no Girl Meets World, yeah? Because it means I don’t have to wait until Wednesday to summarize what I thought of Deep Breath, the series 8 premiere of Doctor Who, which more importantly introduced us to Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor.

OG Badass Doctor

OG Badass Doctor

Change was the watchword here. This episode was very focused on change and evolution and moving forward.

And as a result, rather than kicking off with The Doctor in the TARDIS as we normally do after a regeneration, we begin with a dinosaur rampaging through Victorian London. Obviously, Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax are on the case. I’m glad to see them, especially because at one point on Saturday I watched “The Crimson Horror” and was reminded of how strong a character Jenny is. When the dinosaur coughs up the TARDIS, obviously our favorite misfit detectives go running.

Then we meet the Doctor. He’s confused, he’s old, he’s Scottish. He gets Clara and Strax mixed up. He speaks dinosaur! He doesn’t understand the concept of bedrooms. He runs away and babbles to homeless people in alleyways. He thinks he can open bottles with his eyebrows.

Meanwhile, there’s Clara. She’s the first companion since Rose to go through the trauma of a regeneration. And while Rose was surrounded by Mickey and Jackie, who could support her, Clara is stuck with Vastra and Jenny and Strax, who seem to think that her confusion and inability to accept the new face of the Doctor is a sign of weakness. Vastra in fact lectures her about it, and she rightfully stands up for herself, insisting that she’s worried and scared, not upset at losing her hot young doctor who she went adventuring with. Jenna Coleman does a very good job selling the speech she has to give.

Anyway, as they hunt for the Doctor it turns out a lot of people are spontaneously combusting and it has something to with some clockwork droids who are stealing their body parts. Sound familiar? It should. These droids are from The SS Marie Antoinette, the sister ship to the SS Madame De Pompadour. So that’s fun. It’s always nice to be reminded of “The Girl in The Fireplace,” right?

Clara, The Doctor, Vastra, Jenny and Strax defeat the droids and the doctor peaces. A heartbroken Clara asks Vastra if she can start working with them, but then the Doctor Comes back. After returning, he and Clara have a long serious talk about their relationship and their feelings and she says she’s not sure she can stay. Then her phone rings. She answers.

IT’S 11. While I expected some kind of Matt Smith cameo in the beginning, I was ready to move on without it. After all, the show had taken great pains to show that things were new. But it was a welcome surprise and a touching moment and I swear I wasn’t crying. I definitely didn’t start sobbing after the call, when The Doctor begged Clara to just see him. Their new relationship dynamic is going to be fun.

So that’s what happened? My thoughts, well, they’re fairly well documented on Twitter. I loved all of the Clara stuff, it was nice to see her finally getting her due. I’m enamored of Capaldi and the direction they’re going with this new Doctor. As a NuWho fan I’ve never understand the outrage at the young sexy doctors, but fine, if this makes people happy, let’s go for it.

And finally, I’m obsessed with the new Doctor costume. It’s so cool looking. I was surprised at how happy I was to see Vastra, Jenny and Strax, because after watching “The Crimson Horror” I realized, “Wow, we’ve seen them a lot huh?” But they always charm me.

So now we’re headed “into darkness,” which, I mean, fine, I don’t see how we could get darker, but sure.

Does anyone know if After Who is sticking around? Or was it just for the premiere? I just like to know where and when I can get my daily dose of Hardwick.