We Love Tennant!

“I’m so glad that you found this!”

“What’s the point of having an obsessive fangirl friend if I don’t find things like this for us to do?”

This is the exchange that Crystan and I shared as we hugged and said goodbye after meeting up (along with several of her other friends) to see “The Rise of The Cybermen & The Age of Steel” on an IMAX screen. It was a special event followed up by a nice little interview with David Tennant about the episodes, and being the Doctor.

Most Doctor Who fans have an actor that they refer to as, “my doctor.” And for me, that’s always going to be David Tennant. And not just because I find him incredibly, incredibly attractive.

Although that helps.

It helps a lot.

A lot, a lot...

A lot, a lot…

Which is basically what Monday night proved, as Crystan and I spent about two hours sighing and squeeing and laughing. Also, if you can avoid it, don’t watch “The Rise of The Cyberman & The Age of Steel” on an IMAX Screen! Sometimes, things that look good on TV, or in my case on a laptop screen, don’t really do terribly well on a giant screen. The effects in series 1 and 2 of Who weren’t spectacular to begin with. In IMAX, they are hilarious, but not in a good way. We had a lot of fun mocking the episode, and also, we kind of forgot how Mickey is the main character of that one.

I mean, Mickey. Really.

In the interview, the guy who was talking to Tennant (who was not Chris Hardwick, for reasons I can’t fathom…) referred to these episodes as “beloved.” Crystan got that right when she said, “Are they though?”

I mean, these episodes are fun, but as the episodes chosen to represent Tennant’s time as The Doctor? Maybe not the best choice. But it was still super fun, and frankly, we were just there to fangirl over Tennant.

Also, Crystan still hasn’t moved past “Journey’s End.” I am shaming her for this. SHAME CRYSTAN!

You need to move on. I rewatched Series 5 recently and was reminded of how special, that season really is. I fell head over heals with Amy Pond and Rory Williams again.

Also, I was sitting in that theater with 1 person I’ve known for years, and five who I’d never met. Traditionally? That’s not a good arrangement for me. But it’s one of the things that I’ve really come to love about fandom in general and Who fandom especially. There’s this short hand. We just know each other, almost instantly. Crystan said it best last night, it’s like there’s this secret world and once you know it’s there, it’s everywhere, and you can just talk about it and be friends.

Sadly, we were missing Aless. Because she’s sick. Or some other ridiculous excuse that I do not accept.

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