Brandon Stark: Character Winner for “The Children”

I did not think that I would ever type, “This week Bran was the winner.” Because while I understand that for the most part, Bran’s story is like super deeply important it’s also really freaking boring.



But, still this week, he finally found that big tree that he and Jojen and Meera have been walking to, and the three eyed raven, who is also an old man and is also the commander of The Children who have been living there since before the first men came. Or something. It’s all very mysterious and creepy and blue tinted and the Reeds and Bran fight some White Walkers, and Jojen dies and then Bran asks if he’ll ever walk again and he obviously won’t.

But he will learn to fly.

Basically Bran won because he’s the first Stark to actually reach his goal. This is a big exciting thing for this family who has basically had the worst luck ever since Dad’s old buddy showed up and ruined their lives.

But Bran found the Raven. Yes, his friend had to die for him to do it, and that kind of blows, but it happened! This is basically the closest we get to a happy ending in this world. So, even though it was only one scene, pretty much I think Bran gets the win this time around, because there is so rarely something so clean and satisfying in Game of Thrones and it should be celebrated.

Runner up is Arya, who also takes steps into the wider world, but I’m going to write up the whole season sometime later this week, and get more deeply into all of that.

But for now, Brandon Stark of Winterfell, technically King in The North, and a Warg, congratulations! You won this time around.

Alright, so we’re done for a while. Almost a year. Something else will spring up as a weekly feature to fill in the blanks here, but I haven’t decided what yet…at least until Doctor Who comes back in August, then that will do it.

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