Samwell Tarly: Character Winner For “The Watcher On The Wall”

If you watch any of my social media, you can probably figure out that I wasn’t home this weekend. I was in Atlantic City with Juli and Chrissy and it was super fun. And it was the Tonys, so it was a bit of a crush to even watch Game of Thrones this week, let alone analyze it, so I was a little bit worried.

There’s absolutely no contest though, “The Watcher On The Wall” win belongs entirely to Samwell Tarly.



Here are some of the things that Sam does:

Hide Gilly and Little Sam during the battle.

Argue the semantics of the vow that The Night’s Watch take. “Father no children and take no wife,” isn’t explicitly “don’t have sex.”

Ask Jon about sex, or as they adorably call “it.” I forget that because the show aged them up, but in the books Sam and Jon are just about sixteen, and this conversation smacked of adolescence and it was totally adorable.

Kiss Gilly! Yay!

Decide that Gilly’s going to be his, what? I don’t know, let’s use Oberyn’s word, and call her his paramour. That seems about right. I’m bummed about this development, not because it isn’t great, but because Sam and Gilly’s story from the books is one of my absolute favorites and this changes a lot about their final dynamic. But such is the way of adaptation.

Give a bunch of super great speeches about being a man. I like that to Sam being a man means standing up and living up to his responsibility as a Man of The Night’s Watch. Holding Castle Black is important and he is not going to abandon his place.

Talk about killing that White Walker. That seems like a million years ago.

Runner up goes to Ghost. Obviously.

But for now, Samwell Tarly, Man of The Night’s Watch, you are the sword in the night, congratulations.

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