Arya Stark: Character Winner for “Mockingbird”

A lot of cool things happened in “Mockingbird” and a lot of it was really great. Oberyn agreeing to be Tyrion’s champion, Brienne and Podrick talking to one of Arya’s little friends, Jon Snow being told for the millionth time that he’s “a steward,” and Dany and Daario getting it on, and of course all that stuff with Petyr, Sansa, Lysa and The Moon Door. But no one really had enough screen time to totally dominate, which means that the most satisfying moment is who was going to get the win. Arya Stark

And that obviously went to Arya. And I’m not talking about her driving Needle through the heart of that douche bag who wants to sword rape her way back when or whatever, although that was pretty stinking amazing, I’m talking about when she offered to sew up and treat The Hound’s wounds.

I haven’t given Arya the win, because this is basically her “Darkest Timeline” moment. I’ve read the books, I know that her storyline is about to get a whole lot epic and a whole lot more weird, which is kind of why as much as I like “Arya and The Hound’s Road Adventures” because I know where this is going. (Trying so hard not to spoil) I also know that it’s just a diversion, so it’s hard to appreciate on it’s own. But this week, we were reminded that despite her growing bitterness and difficulties, Arya still has a that brave strong, Stark heart, with it’s love of fair play and loyalty. A more ruthless person would have simply let The Hound bleed to death or get an infection. Instead, Arya offers to help. She listens to his story of woe and offers to help again.

It’s really something special and if they decide to follow Arya’s through-line in the books, this will truly be something special.

Oberyn obviously gets runner up, because by The Seven, was that a great speech he gave in Tyrion’s cell.

But as it stands, Lady Arya Stark, The Ghost Of Harrenhall, congratulations on your win today. It’s well earned. (If I had done this last season, I would have given you many more wins.)

4 thoughts on “Arya Stark: Character Winner for “Mockingbird”

  1. Arya’s quite an impressive little murder-angel.

    I’ve heard people say that had Arya been up at the Eyrie, she would have tossed Aunt Lysa out the Moon Door. I’m not arguing against that, but the fact that Lysa went out and Sansa did not should still be a point for Sansa.

    Totally right on Oberyn getting kudso for this episode. Dude knew to grab the torch for the maximum dramatic lighting when he declared his intent to be Tyrion’s champion. I think my wife and I both started ovulating.


  2. Thanks to you, I’ve been picking my own character winner every week. I had to go Baelish, even though he’s a total creep. His last words were just too sweet.


    • Yay! I made a thing! It’s a fun exercise. It was a good Baelish episode, but just that kiss with him and Sansa was too icky. I couldn’t. Even though I loved her Snow Winterfell!


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