If I Were A Rich Ock

So, around this time last year, I wrote about the connection between my two favorite art forms in a very vague and conceptual way. This post is a little bit more specific. It’s mostly about the fact that the longest running superhero actor and one of the greatest actor’s to portray a supervillain are both huge Musical Theatre Guys.

I’m of course talking about Hugh Jackman and Alfred Molina.

Hugh Curly
Alfred Molina Fiddler
Now, I should note, that I don’t particularly care for either Oklahoma or Fiddler On The Roof as shows, but both Hugh Jackman and Alfred Molina totally owned the roles of Curly and Tevye respectively and made both of those show watchable.

And it should be noted that around the same time, they both played other iconic roles.

Alfred Molina Doc Ock Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Um, they also played Wolverine and Doctor Octopus, in case you weren’t paying attention to life for about fifteen years. Anyway, I’ve always found Hugh’s double appeal deeply interesting (and thought that it would bode better for Les Mis, frankly) and the idea of Molina doing the “If I Were A Rich Man” Shimmy’s with Doc Ock’s multiple arms has created many mind giggles for me.

But tonight after seeing Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (Which was amazing, and stars Jake Epstein from Degrassi: The Next Generation) Mary, my mom and I headed to Tony de Napoli’s, a restaurant near the theater, where we’ve gone before. One of the thing’s that’s fun about the restaurant is that they have different characatures of various Broadway shows and actors around the restaurant. Here are the pictures of Jackman and Molina:

IMG_1609 photo (1)

Please note how Tevye has Doc Ock arms and Peter Allen has Wolverine claws. Also note how this is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

I’ve had too much wine to be analytical, but this is super fun for me.

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