Once Upon A Time Shipping News: I WIN!

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers for Once Upon A Time Season 3 Episode 15 Originally Aired on 3/30/2014

Once Upon a Time

Last night’s Once Upon a Time, which gave us the death of Neil/Bae was touching and sad. Especially as Emma assured the still amnesiac Henry that his father was a hero, and she wanted him to know at least that. It was a very special moment. Reenie, the person who loves this show and wants to see happy endings to everything was sad, and I’m going to miss the character.

Um, The Fangirl was a little different.

The Fangirl was hopping around in my brain jumping and clapping, sing-songing, “I win, I win, I win, I win, I wiiiii-iiiin!!!!!”

It wasn’t really attractive, but, since this blog is about the Fangirl, let’s go with her reaction.

Ding don the Neal is dead! I win! There is nothing but Hook/Emma greatness on the horizon, especially since right before his death, Neal and Cillian made up, and remembered their adventures from long ago, when Neal was a little boy. If you think this ends with anything other than Emma and Hook having drunk sex as they try to drink their feelings away, you have not watched as much television as I have.

And this is a good thing, even if I’m sorry that Neal, (and thus my sister’s Ship) had to die in order for it to happen. (Mary’s top Neal related quote last night, “Ugh, I love Neal, but I hate when he uses Batman voice.”) You have to understand, that my sister and I are often on the same page shipping wise, and also she would never call it shipping, so we tend not to argue over things, also our parallell development allows for us to not really argue about these things. Mary would never dare try to convince the fangirl of anything and frankly her, “He’s just doing a Captain Jack Sparrow imitation” and “It’s gross because he was in love with Henry’s grandma” arguments are well reasoned but completely futile because the chemistry between Hook and Emma is just too astounding to be denied. So we were always at a stalemate. But now Neal is dead, so, I win, even if it’s by default.

In other shipping news, even without their memories, Regina and Robin are back at that their sassy investigation based relationship. Apparently, theirs is to be a Mulder/Scully, Booth/Bones, Beckett/Castle, Rizolli/Isles type love, and I am 100% on board for that. I couldn’t have been the only person who wanted them to drink all of Zelena’s whiskey and make out in her house right?

And I just realized that this week I decided I wanted both of my ships to end in drunk sex instead of marriage and babies. Perhaps I am developing some of that fabled “edge” that is talked of so highly. Wouldn’t that be nice?


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