That Girl Who Follows You Around

Hey guys, let’s all talk about the Veronica Mars trailer for a minute, OK?



I haven’t written much about the great Veronica Mars kickstarter movie success, not because I don’t think it’s great. I think it’s insanely, unbelievably amazing, in fact. Actually, when I think about the fact that in a few months we’re going to see a Veronica Mars movie, my brain synapses wrong because of all the excitement and I then forget all about it.

But oh, the trailer came out, and let’s just, I mean, can we just digest this for a moment? There’s so much!

Let’s take it point by point.

  • Jamie Lee Curtis is Veronica’s boss. There’s something twisted and yet ideal about that. I mean, that’s kind of the perfect descriptor of the Veronica Mars universe right? Twisted and yet ideal?
  • Veronica went to law school? Veronica? How did that happen?
  • I kind of forgot that Piz was a character because I like to pretend that Season 3 didn’t happen. It’s kind of cool that he and Veronica are still together, but I mean, come on. Of all of her past guys, Piz?
  • “I don’t really do that anymore.” Ha, oh Veronica.
  • Keith is only in the very beginning of the trailer, I do hope he gets more screen time.
  • Of course Dick is still mooching off of Logan ten years later, because of course he is. That being said, Dick Casablancas is one of the more overlooked tragic characters because he never undouched. But, his father did ruin their family fortune and try to kill his stepmother, and his younger brother was a crazy sex abuse victim/rapist who later killed himself.
  • Ugh, Logan Eccols, why can’t I quit you? That smile? That charm? That chance that you might bludgeon a person to death in a moment of rage?
  • Wallace is clearly the one talking Veronica and Mac into going to that reunion. Because, he’s Wallace, and that’s what he does. Also, Percy Daggs III looks great! Wow.
  • Madison Sinclair is such an ax wound. Ugh.
  • DEPUTY LEO! I mean, it would have been a stupid move promotion wise to not throw some Max Greenfield at this baby, but I’m happy to see him none the less. Unfortunately, I think this means there will probably be no Duncan, which is a shame, because Piz, Logan, Leo and Duncan is more relationship drama than even Veronica Mars can handle.
  • Oh, wait, there’s another Keith appearance. Good.
  • “Are you going to ask if I did it?” “I wouldn’t be here if I thought you did.” Right in the feels. Epic. Love. Story.
  • They couldn’t get the original Sheriff Lamb, I guess? So they got Jerry O’Connell? Who is actually kind of a bigger deal? I’m confused? In case you couldn’t tell by all the question marks?
  • Why is Veronica punching Madison? I mean, I’m glad that it’s happening, but I can’t wait for context.
  • No Weevil? I’m disappointed.

Veronica Mars opens on March 14, which gives me plenty of time to re-watch the first 2 seasons, and then get bored in the middle of season 3 and never finish it.

Also coming on out March 14? A biopic about Grace of Monaco. Umm, looks like March is shaping up to be a big movie month for me.

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