Welcome to Level 7

So he was never dead? Is that how we’re going to play it Joss?


OK, I’m going to move past this onto an actual review of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot, except that I can’t get past that.




I mean, I didn’t exactly want him to be a replicant, or brought back to life by crazy Asguardian magic or something.

No, wait, yes, that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted that. You’re telling me that while Tony and Pepper were fighting for their lives against Not The Mandarin trying to contain the extremis virus their good buddy Phil was hanging out on beach in Tahiti, recuperating?

This information is not OK by me.

Did you hear me Mr. Whedon? I AM NOT OK WITH THIS!

Things I am OK with? Seeing Ming-Na Wen kick the crap out a guy as Melinda May.

Doctor Chen, FTW!

Doctor Chen, FTW!

Seeing Colbie Smulders back as Agent Maria Hill. She only had one scene but I love what she does with this character, who’s only real job is to give info dumps. Joss does beautiful things with his info dumps.

I love that our tech geeks are a team named “Fitz” and “Simmons,” this is hilarious. Just objectively so.

The entire character of Skye. I can’t wait to see what kind of sassy, fly in the face of the patriarchy things she’s going to do.

Agent Grant Ward is going to be a great character. He’s Wesley in spy form, stuck on the rules. Coulson is going to Giles him so hard.

Coulson’s monologue about the cost of being close to super heroes. We all know Cap broke your heart Phil. It’s OK to be sad about it.

Did Steve watch Phil while he slept? Or um, was he present when he was unconscious?

Did Steve watch Phil while he slept? Or um, was he present when he was unconscious?

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Level 7

    • For the most part I’m willing to accept what he does within the justification of his rules. And after rewatching I realized that I missed a few clues that indicate maybe he was brought back to life.

      Which you know, is a huge relief.


  1. Glenn picked up on the brought back to life idea as well- if you two agree, then that seals the deal for me. I think it could lead to some serious internal conflict when he realizes. Besides, it sets up Agent Coulson as a Good Guy with seniority in the group, and I find that pretty cool.

    I feel like it’s much more common for Good Guys (as in, properly good rather than the anti-hero type) to be young and naive. Any thoughts?


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