Wait for it…

How I Met Your Mother

The hour long season premier of How I Met Your Mother was last night.

While I haven’t watched the show with any regularity in about two years, there was a time when I loved HIMYM so much I went out and purchased both The Playbook and The Bro Code and people then gave me copies of them as gifts. My friend Katie was living in an apartment over a bar and my friends and I all called the bar “MacClarens,” (it has a real name. I couldn’t tell you what that is.) Around this same time she was also dating a local news reporter. This is why we called her Ted for like a year. (Usually only when we were drinking…)

I loved HIMYM so much that I rewatched the whole series, not on Netflix, but by actually getting the discs sent to me on Netflix. I watched the commentaries. I learned that while they were creating the show, they decided they wanted to make continuity matter in a new way on sit coms.

I know all the words to “Let’s Go To The Mall.” All of them. (Join in now, “Everybody come and play, throw every last care away! Let’s go to the mall, today!)

I’m excited for the final season. Having taken some time away from the gang, I started to miss them and found their antics less irritating than I previously had. Ted’s wishy washy good guy thing was endearing again, Robin and Barney’s commitment phobia was funny, as were Lily’s neurosis and Marshall’s belief in the universe.

Also, Ted’s future wife, (played by Cristin Miloti, who I fell in love with when I saw her on Broadway in Once last year.) fits in seemlessly already. She soothed Lily on a train ride and the scene between her and Ted, a flash forward to a year later was tender and sweet. They work very well.

I was glad to see Wayne Brady back as Barney’s brother James, and of course that Ranjit drove Barney and Robin out to The Hamptons for their wedding was beyond perfect. I can’t wait to see other fan favorites pop up. I mean, I can’t be the only person who wants to see The Captain again can I? We got a teaser that shows we’ll probably see Stella.

I’m excited about a lot of things this season, but mostly that we’re putting this show to bed at long last.

It’s been a long and legendary road from when Ted first noticed Robin in that bar. I’m sure I’ll cry by the end. Series finales almost always make me cry. And HIMYM has never been afraid to wear it’s heart on it’s sleeve.

I’m psyched that the entire season is based around the days and weeks surrounding Robin and Barney’s wedding an event I’ve always been really excited for.

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