Of The TARDIS and Old Friends

Last night I had dinner with my college roommate Jen. I’ve talked about my relationship with Jen before, and last night she summed it up even better, “There was just no filter in that room. We just talked about whatever ridiculous things came into our heads.”

Usually, it was about this.

Usually, it was about this.

Dinner was about twenty minutes of us catching up, (Jen is working for the New York Public Library, I’m at the hotel. We both live at home. We both kind of can’t stand it, but can’t afford to change the situation at the moment. Hooray!) and then five minutes of reminiscing about a trip to Florida we took sophomore year, and then an hour and a half of talking about Star Trek and Doctor Who.

Jen was not happy with the way Star Trek Into Darkness turned out. “But I did go to see it…twice.” We chatted about the things that annoyed me, and she agreed with most of them, (She also thinks that bring Spock Prime in was pandering. HOORAY! I had a correct Trekkie response to this. To me this is like when “The Rain in Spain,” minus the dancing.)

There might have been some dancing

There might have been some dancing

Then we moved into Doctor Who. I always love talking to people about Doctor Who, because even among geeky people, it’s like having a secret password into a club. And that club is bigger on the inside.

We talked about Davies VS Moffat. (We prefer Moffat episodes, but Davies story archs.) Why 10 is better than 11. (He just is.) And God almighty, was there ever some Rose Tyler love being passed around that table, our distaste for River Song, and how weird it is that even though we don’t really care either which way for Martha Jones, all of her episodes are great. This may just be because of Captain Jack.

Always being on the same page with Jen about so many things has been what keeps the fact that we’re not on the same page about so many others from getting in the way of being friends. (I won’t get into those other things, I love her so much, that’s the important part.)

What strange about my friendship with Jen is that she doesn’t have a facebook. So when we see each other, the catch up time isn’t nominal. I actually had no idea what was going on in her life for the past year, because except for the occasional text or email we didn’t have much contact. So these dinners, lunches and quick attempt to reconnect are actually amazing.

And being around people you can just pick up with is always great.

Like, always, always.

2 thoughts on “Of The TARDIS and Old Friends

  1. I like this post a lot 😀 Completely on board with most of the Doctor Who stuff, except I have more love for Donna. Rose Tyler was my first ever companion and I felt totally abandoned when she left the show and it takes a lot of time to get over that :p


    • I love Donna so much, but we were talking about Rose in context of River. Because we had both watched the show in a big chunk and were “not over” Rose when River showed up.


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