“It doesn’t all have to be about that night”: The World’s End closes it out

The World's End

What’s unbelievable interesting about Edgar Wright’s “Corenetto Trilogy,” aside from the fact that it isn’t really a trilogy, and Cornetto’s are just a throwaway 1]reference, is that if you take out that one twisted element, they’d still be decent movies. Slacker Man-Boy’s girlfriend dumps him and he realizes he has to get his life together if he wants her back, thus his relationship with his best friend changes forever. A hard boiled city cop comes to a small town and learns to relax and adapt to a new enviroment. A group of men in their forties try to recapture one booze soaked night of their youth, at the urging of their one friend who never quite grew up.

Of course, the man boy’s plan is impeded by the breakout of a zombie plague, the cop uncovers that the small town is actually controlled by a weird murder cult, and the town where the friends grew up has been entirely replaced by alien robots.

I went in expecting great things from The World’s End. It was hard not to, everyone had high expectations from this movie. Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz are such wonderful comedies, that the third outing for Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost was bound to be epic. And it really was. It’s not the best of the three, that still goes (in my humble opinion) to Hot Fuzz, but it was still a killer movie.

Pegg and Frost are back as the ring leaders of a group of school chums, rounded out by Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsen and the brilliant Martin Freeman. Pegg’s Gary King was the real leader back when they were young and has had trouble growing up. The others all have jobs, and wives or ex wives. They have their own lives. We learn that Gary’s attachment to their youth isn’t a simple Peter Pan complex in the films climax, but it’s a surprise worth waiting for. The first half hour plays like The Hangover, if the Wolf Pack hadn’t spoken to one another in a decade.

But then something odd happens. When confronting a young rebel, who reminds him of himself, Gary gets into a fight. The fight ends with the kid’s head being severed, and leaking odd blue liquid. The rest of the guys come in and soon it’s revealed that Newton Haven, the sleepy hometown of our heroes is ground zero for an alien appocalypse.

Pierce Brosnan makes an excellent cameo as the only teacher Gary ever liked, and the action is superbly handled. (Not that anyone who’s watched the group’s previous efforts should be surprised.) Overall it’s not quite as zany as it’s predecessors, but uses the same dry wit to hold the absurdity in check. Also, it makes great use of The Doors’ “Whiskey Bar,” which frankly, would give even a bad movie a pass in my book.


Captain Phillips looks so unfathomably good. I can’t even, I just die, everytime.

About Time will probably be my favorite movie of all time. Time travel? British romantic comedy? Father/Son complications? A WEASLEY? I’m in. (Also, Rachel McAdams, this is her third time travel related movie…she’s on her way to a weird actor pattern.)

Ender’s Game: I’m reading the book now. Is Abigail Breslin playing Valentine? That’s a good fit. Also, I’m relieved they aged the characters up a little. (In the novel, Ender is 6 years old. It’s disturbing enough to imagine, but to see it actually play out?) Still, it looks incredible, at least visually.


1. Pacific Rim

2. The Great Gatsby

3. The World’s End

4. Kick Ass 2

5. The Butler

6. Man of Steel

7. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

8. The Wolverine

9. Iron Man 3

10. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

11. Despicable Me 2

12. Star Trek Into Darkness

13. Monster’s University

14.  After Earth

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