The Caped Crusader is Coming, and We Know How This Goes

So I know I promised not to harp too hard on Man of Steel 2, until more details actually come out, or we at least have a trailer. But I’ve decided that I’m going to give myself a pass once a month to blog about it.

That’s it, just once a month.

So, if another time in September I start writing about Ben Affleck, or how now Bryan Cranston probably isn’t Lex Luthor. (Ah, the internet, where one guys “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” becomes fact.!) you can all stop reading, or shame me, or whatever it is you do personally when I blogger breaks her promises?

We cool?

Anyway, as I sat reading Batman and Robin: Reborn this morning,(I’m completely addicted, by the way, to the times when Dick was Batman, the end of Knightfall, this Batman and Robin series, ugh, it’s all so good.)

I love how they're both smirking, all the time. I once said that "Sarcasm wasn't an effective crime fighting tool." I just hadn't seen it done right yet.

I love how they’re both smirking, all the time. I once said that “Sarcasm wasn’t an effective crime fighting tool.” I just hadn’t seen it done right yet.

and I realized the best part of them bringing Batman into the new larger DC Film Universe, (DCFU? It’s kind of a funny acronym.) through Man of Steel 2: Man of Steelier, is that we don’t have to do his origin story again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love origin stories. I think they’re the best part of superheroes, seeing why someone wants to put on tights and save people is fascinating. It’s one of the reasons that I will always, always, always defend Smallville.

But we don’t need to see another take on Batman’s origin story. We all know how it goes. Bruce Wayne is eight years old, he and his parents are walking down the street, they get pulled into an alley and mugged. The mugger shoots his parents. He never gets over it. He travels the world and learns how to fight a lot. He becomes Batman. Bad ass (Bat-ass?) crime fighting ensues.

Thanks to Christopher Nolan, most people even know about characters that were previously sidelined in Batman movies before, Lucius Fox, R’as Al Ghoul, Bane, Talia, Selina Kyle’s little buddy (who has many names, but she’s always there.) The Scarecrow. People know who theses folks are now.

So we don’t need to see eight year old Bruce Wayne walking down the street with his parents and them getting killed again. We really don’t. We’ve seen it in two Batman movies. Three if you count Mask of The Phantasm.


You should count Mask of The Phantasm , because it's amazing!

You should count Mask of The Phantasm , because it’s amazing!

So having Batman just show up in Superman’s movie, fully formed, without having to go into all of the tortured, weird fear of bats stuff is going to be great.

We get to skip to the good part.

Well, the other good part.

I mean, it’s Batman, so to me they’re pretty much all the good part.

OK, this is the bad part. But just this.

OK, this is the bad part. But just this.

2 thoughts on “The Caped Crusader is Coming, and We Know How This Goes

  1. Remember, though, that the problem with Bryan Singer’s Superman movie was that he DIDN’T start with an origin story but tried to pick up where Superman 2 left off (more or less). The results were a disaster. But if I have to sit through another variation on Batman’s origin story this soon after Batman Begins, I’m giving up on superhero movies for what remains of my life. I’ve seen more origin stories on the big (and small) screen in the last decade than Tony Stark has Iron Man suits and am ready for a movie that just tells a freakin’ superhero story. Alas, origin stories also have a built-in plot arc that has a certain satisfactory feel to it — person discovers they’ve had a destiny imposed on them by chance (being born on an exploding planet, seeing parents killed, having heart shot out by the Taliban, being bitten by a radioactive spider), learns to deal with unwanted destiny and reluctantly emerges as a hero. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser. But I’ve seen it too many times now.

    And the idea that Bryan Cranston would let himself get typed as “that bald guy” — I mean, in real life he seems to have hair — is laughable. Heck, they could cast almost any male actor from Breaking Bad as Lex Luthor if being bald is the criterion. (Cranston is pretty cool, though, and does evil villains better than any former sitcom actor I’ve ever seen.)


  2. The problem with Superman Returns wasn’t the lack of an origin story. The problem was everything. It was slow, and boring and they took exactly zero risks. No risk, no reward. To counter that argument, I give you The Amazing Spider-Man which SHOULD have been excellent. You had Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Dennis Leary, a clear vision, and a cool villain we hadn’t seen before. But instead we had to retread all of the “Peter Parker is a normal dorky kid. Peter Parker gets bit by a spider. Peter Parker gets superpowers.His Uncle Ben dies, he decides to fight crime,” BS again, rather than just jump into the story, and so the first half of the movie felt like a rambling boring mess. The second half was still pretty bad ass though.

    Honestly, I thought that The Incredible Hulk did it very well. We got a quick montage in the opening credits and then moved into the new story. If you had no prior knowledge of The Hulk, then maybe you’d be a little lost, but you could probably catch on as the movie went on. I doubt there is a single person who will be seeing a new Batman movie (or a Superman movie with Batman in it) that doesn’t know how Batman became Batman, even the people being dragged to it against their wall.

    I was not terribly on board with Cranston, and I’m kind of glad it was just a rumor.


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