2013-2014 TV Season Is Coming

While the 2013 movie season is still in swing, (ends in December, when Award Season begins), and my latest Bat Binge still consuming most of my free time, I’ve almost forgotten that the new TV season will soon be upon us.



I said almost! Obviously, when September comes and the shows start up again, I get very excited. Like so excited. It officially starts (for me) next week, when Sons of Anarchy premiers. So, here’s what I’m excited for.


How I Met Your Mother: I’ve gone cold on the adventures of Ted, Barney, Robin, Lilly and Marshall in the past few seasons, but if you think I’m going to miss final season of this show, that I loved so much for so long, you’re insane. It’s going to be legen….wait for it…

Sons of Anarchy: Show runner Kurt Sutter has promised us that we’re “down the other side of the mountain” now. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but if it means that we’re going to see Jax Teller slip further into madness and Clay Morrow eventually get what’s coming to him, I’m in. Of course this is Sons, and I’ve learned in the past five seasons not to expect anything and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

New Girl: Jess and Nick are a couple and Cece and Schmidt are in denial, and Winston, well he’s Winston. What I love about New Girl is that the storyline, while important is less important than the hijinks, and the incredible bonds between the characters. Also, I recently named Schmidt “my favorite character on television,” so there’s that.

Boardwalk Empire: I’m still reeling from the death of Owen Sleater and Margaret Thompson’s running away from Nucky. Also this season will feature Ron Livingston. I hope it doesn’t ruin him for me the way it ruined Bobby Canavale though.

Scandal: Last season ended with Olivia Pope literally putting her white hat back on, ending her affair with the president (for now), us finding out that her father was the one who broke Huck, and a Barrowman sighting. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Parks and Recreation: I love this show so much it makes my heart burst

American Horror Story: I didn’t watch “Asylum” but season 1 was so remarkable. This season is focused on the witches who survived Salem coming back to the town now for revenge. Should be good.

The Mindy Project: What happened in Haiti? Will Danny and Mindy realize they’re perfect for each other? Will Morgan come back to the practice? Will Mindy ever get it together? I want and need to know.

Once Upon a Time: We’re into Neverland, and we know that Peter Pan is serving the dark side, and looking for Henry. Also, with Neil/Bae’s disappearance, I can keep the Emma/Hook faith alive.

Suburgatory: I love this show, and last season ended on such a bitter sweet note, with George heartbroken, having alienated Tessa and lost Dallas, and with Tessa saying goodbye to Ryan by losing her virginity. What’s next in Chatswin? It’s sure to be funny and charming, and heartwarming.

Hart of Dixie: Just everything about it. I can’t wait. But what I’m most excited about is the fact that Zoey and George has officially been put to bed. (Of course Josh Schwartz once promised us that about Serena and Dan, and they wound up married…) She belongs with Wade. The End.

The Big Bang Theory: I love this show so much. I hope Penny proposes to Leonard soon. I will cry when it happens.

New Things:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Are you surprised? Even if it’s a one season wonder, (Not unlikely), it’s bound to be epic and unreal. Even though Joss Whedon isn’t terribly involved, his brother Jed, and sister in law Maurissa Taucheron, who co-wrote Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog with him are in charge. The fact that the show looks like it’s going to be Law and Order: MCU doesn’t hurt it either. And who doesn’t want to watch Agent Coulson for an hour? The man’s the friggin best.

One Upon A Time In Wonderland: Sometimes, spin offs are wonderful (Angel, Frasier, Superman: The Animated Series), other times they are just plain awful, (Joey, any and all of the M*A*S*H* spin offs, but especially Trapper John: MD).Once Upon a Time’s vision of Wonderland was beautiful and twisted and I’m interested in delving deeper into it.

Sean Saves The World: Sean Hayes, in a sitcom. It will be funny. I don’t care. IT WILL BE!

The Michael J. Fox Show: Michael J. has never made a bad sitcom. Family Ties and Spin City were in fact two of the greatest sitcoms ever. So, what do we have to lose here?

Mother: Anna Farris and Allison Janney? This show is bound to zany and off the wall, and silly. Of course it might be like Two Broke Girls and just make me sad as it’s untapped potential flails around.

The Millers: Will Arnett, Will Arnett, Will Arnett. There wasn’t enough of him in Arrested Development Season 4, so I hope this show was worth it.

Not Coming Back To It:

Glee: I can’t. I’m so afraid of how they’re going to handle Cory Monteith’s death. It’s bound to be insensitive and awful.  But also, I like watching Darrin Criss and Naya Rivera sing and dance. But I’m not watching anymore.

Community: Dan Harmon is back, but Donald Glover isn’t, at least not full time. Community without Troy and Abed? I’m not interested.

Catching Up:

Nashville, Supernatural Arrow.

What are you looking forward to this season? Just our of curiosity.


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