I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Having run out of Batman to watch, but still longing for my superhero fix, I’ve started branching out. I watched some of the Justice League animated series that lines up with BTAS, but was having trouble getting in to it. It just wasn’t hitting for me.

I’d attempted to watch the anime Teen Titans in the past, usually while babysitting and that also bothered me. I do love Cyborg, but I think that has more to do with him being played by The Famous Jett Jackson on Smallville than anything else.

Everything about this show was late 90's early 00's awesome.

Everything about this show was late 90’s early 00’s awesome.

Then I stumbled across Young Justice.

Look at the them! Look how cute!

Look at the them! Look how cute!

Guys, Young Justice is kind of the shit. The premise is as follows, one day for a photo op, Batman, Flash, Aquaman and Green Arrow bring Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Speedy to the Hall of Justice for a tour. Then they just leave them in a room. This causes the following reactions, Robin and Kid Flash don’t really get it, and just goof around, Aqualad is stoic but a bit put out and Speedy is frigging PISSED AS HELL! He calls out the league members, quits his side kick post and stomps out. The others also become annoyed but when Superman calls and the big boys leave, they decide to strike out on their own. After some hi jinks, they find Superboy, an angsty clone of Superman, and demand to be respected. For the most part the Justice League is kind of like, “Eh, maybe not so much, with the kids running around by themselves, plus now we have the Superboy thing to deal with.” But then Batman agrees to let them try being like a mini league and they do that! (It always kind of baffles me that Batman is so good with children, he really shouldn’t be, based on all of his other personality characteristics.)

They are joined later by Miss Martian (Martian Man Hunter’s niece) and Artemis, the daughter of a League of Shadows member who is working as Green Arrow’s new sidekick, since Speedy got all douched out and now calls himself “Red Arrow.” And they go on adventures and deal with their issues and fall in love with each other, and it’s amazing and more than a little bit adorable.

Bolstered by this new interest in teenage superheroes, I decided to check out a movie Netflix has been pushing on me, called The Next Avengers: Tomorrow’s Heroes. The description was pretty bare beyond: “The children of The Avengers have an adventure.” I decided to see if it was as adorable as Young Justice.

Possibly cuter, though significantly less bad ass

Possibly cuter, though significantly less bad ass

It totally was. This story takes place after Ultron killed the Avengers because they disrupted order and then created a post apocalyptic wasteland. Tony Stark rescues the children of the Avengers, James, the son of Captain America and Black Widow (didn’t know that was a thing, BTW, I mean, I knew Scarlett and Chris had killer chemistry from The Nanny Diaries, but beyond that…) Torrun, Thor’s Daughter, (with Sif, according to Wikipedia), Pym, the son of Giant Man and Wasp (He is as douchey as his father) and Azari, the son of Black Panther and Storm, and takes them to a super compound in the arctic and trains them to be superheroes. He also deals with his grief over the loss of his friends by building robot versions of them.

Because of course he does, because he’s Tony friggin Stark.

Anyway, Ultron returns, the kids fight him, and also find Hawkeye’s son. James is basically Steve, Torrun sacrifices herself, gets sent to Asgard and then back to earth by her father, Pym is annoying, Mini-Hawkeye shoots arrows and says sarcastic things, they find Bruce Banner, he turns in to the Hulk and solves everyone’s problems, (You know like in The Avengers) and it is amazing.

Basically, I’m in to the kiddie superhero thing right now. Probably going to stick with it. I might even try Teen Titans again, but I probably won’t.

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