Wandering Down this Road That We Call Life

Growing up in the 90’s there were a lot of things you could count on. Unlike now, it was a pretty steady time. For example you knew that Will Smith would always be able to save you should aliens invade.

Also Jeff Goldblum would do science!

You knew that Barney was a dinosaur (not a suit wearing playboy), you could always change your final answer, and that every Friday, come hell or high water, Corey Matthews was going to Learn Something.

Boy Meets World was a benchmark of childhood in the 90s. Corey, Topanga, Shawn, Eric, Mr. Feeny and then later Jack, Angela and Rachel were known to everyone. Not to mention the more minor in and out characters, like Minkus, Mr. Turner, Joey The Rat, Frankie the Enforcer, Harley Kiner, Griff Hawkins, Jason and I could keep going on. We learned all kinds of things from these guys. Like, that time Eric had an Asian girlfriend, and Corey learned that racism was a thing. OR when Shawn’s parents abandoned him, and we all learned that agnst was a thing. Or when Shawn joined that cult and Mr. Turner got in to a motorcycle accident and we learned that clumsily writing a character out of a show with no real closure was a thing. The point is, we learned a lot over the years.

We also learned that stalking your exgirlfriend to Disney World was a great idea…not all of the lessons were winners, but this remains one of my all time favorite episodes of anything

And now a new generation will hopefully learn just as much. It’s been announced that Disney Channel has commissioned a pilot called Girl Meets World, featuring Corey and Topanga’s daughter Riley and son Elliot. Presumably Riley will be a wide eyed naive kind of clumsy girl and Elliot will be a lovable moron. Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage have both singed on and seem enthusiastic about the project.

When this was all announced a few weeks ago, I read one article that point towards using Degrassi as a model for the show. Meaning shift the focus to the new younger characters, but keep the spirit and tone of the old show. Basically don’t 90210 it.

I am interested to see the Boy Meets World touch on certain current issues. I hope that even though Girl Meets World slated for Disney Channel, it gets the grown up touches that made the original great. Issues like cyber bullying, the rash of teen gay suicides, and the down turned economy would have been beautifully handled on Boy Meets World, with heart and humor. I know being on kid friendly Disney, not then top rated ABC, will change the tone a little, but I’m hoping Girl Meets World will be a little bit more Lizzie McGuire and a little less Hannah Montana.

And if we all get to sneak a peak at Shawn Hunter again? So much the better my friends! (Also Eric…I ❤ Will Friedle. I may have mentioned that once, or twice.)

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