Ship Upon A Time

I’ve decided I’m officially shipping Emma/Hook for Once Upon A Time. Ever since the Giant episode (wasn’t that awesome?) I’ve been totally obsessed with the two of them getting together. Yes, maybe Henry’s father and possibly August may get in the way. Not to mention the whole pirate, ran away with Rumplestilskin’s wife thing, but goddamn do they look good together!

Guys! I haven’t gotten so excited about a shipping a couple since Ari/Eric.

There is so much love between them.

While one of the things that I loved about season 1 of Once was that the focus was on the familial love between Emma and Henry, this season seems to be the Regina and Henry show (which is awesome), and also, while Graham was great (RIP!), and there were some sparks with August, the chemistry between Hook and Emma is so freaking awesome.

Also, he looks like this. There is almost as much man candy on Once as in The Avengers

The story Once has given Hook is amazing, if a departure from tradition. (Nothing new for this show). He’s kind of the Edward Cullen of Captain Hooks, but we can forgive him for it. Once just a normal pirate named Cillian, he and Mila ran away from Rumplestilskin, and years later (once Rumple became The Dark One,) the two got in to a duel, Rumple killed Mila, and he ran away to Neverland.

Of course, this week changed a few things, but I still want this to happen. They can be like Buffy and Spike!

(Also, I’m back, I swear it this time!)

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