I’m back!

Hey everyone! So, as predicted, the storm knocked out my power internet and will to do anything but lay around.

Also with National Novel Writing month going, even though I was in a hotel with internet and television, I was trying to get a head start there (I’m about 600 words behind.) Hence to posting.

Also I’ve been rereading the Pink Carnation series, which is something I’ve wanted to write an epic and awesome post about for a while. (My love of The Pink Carnation series is like one of the fangirliest things about me.) So, when I get through those, (I’m on The Deception of The Emerald Ring!) you’ll be getting some good stuff. Also my birthday party was delayed a week, and that will bring about all kinds of fun. (I assure you.)

So, I’m safe, and fine, no worries there, just having some motivational difficulties.

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