Use The Force Mickey

Alternate Title: What the Disney Buy Out of Lucasfilm Means To My Dumbass Friends

So I’m still without power at my house, but we checked in to a hotel. It’s a huge pain, but we’re all safe, and our house is fine, so we’re counting our blessings.

Last night I hit a bar with some of my oldest friends. It was great, but when my friends started talking about the Disney Buy Out of Lucasfilm that was announced on Tuesday, and because we were in a bar and we had been drinking mind erasers, the conversation got a little loud and incomprehensible.

My friend Adam was dressed as Han Solo though, so that gave us some special insights.

The guys did seem very excited about the prospect of a seventh Star Wars movie, which surprised me because, well, these are fanboys.

But of course, I began to get indignant when they were talking about how excited they were for the prospect of Star Wars at Disney World, in combination with Disney’s ownership of Marvel Comics. I believe it went something like this.

Friend Mike: There will be Star Wars characters at Disney World now.
Friend Adam: Yeah! Oh and they can combine it with Marvel, it’ll be great.
Me: Actually, um, there’s already Star Wars at Disney World at MGM Studios (I will never call it Disney Hollywood Studios), and when Disney bought Marvel, Universal retained the theme park rights, because Marvel Superhero Island is already a thing.
Friend Scott: Only for four more years. That’ll change.
Me: Probably not, and I doubt they’ll build more Star Wars stuff since they just redid Star Tours like two years ago.

We went around in circles for a while (due to the vodka) and I realized I wasn’t going to win so I went to talk to other people.

Here’s the thing, since I was two years old, I’ve been to Orlando, Florida for theme park vacations at least eight times. I’ve been to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando a bunch of times. I love Orlando. I would go there every year if I could afford it. I understand the delicate balance that exists between Universal Orlando and Disney World. This balance is hugely upset by the fact that you can walk around Universal with a beer and it’s like seven times cheaper.

Because the two resorts are in constant competition, I seriously doubt Universal is going to let the theme park rights to Marvel go. Also one of the things that I think they’re pushing for, with the construction of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is to become the ultimate fanboy and girl vacation destination.

Besides San Diego in August.

Anyway, the point is, my friends know a lot about Star Wars. They probably don’t know as much about Orlando as I do. As far as the theme parks go, the acquisition of Lucasfilm probably just means that we’ll finally get the Indiana Jones ride that’s been huge at Disney Land in Disney World, because the rights issues will be easier. And maybe there will be a few more Star Wars weekends.

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