I won’t feel a thing


OK, let’s not get too excited. It’s just been announced that for the first time the the brilliant web musical, Dr. Horrible’s Sing A Long Blog, created by Joss Whedon, and written by Joss, his brothers Jed and Zach and his sister in law Marissa, and starring Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion is going to air on The CW, the first time it’s ever being shown on TV.

This…just this!

Since I own it on DVD this isn’t a huge deal for me, but it’s got me excited none the less. It also got me thinking about the long awaited Doctor Horrible sequel that I’m pretty sure everyone in the world wants to see.

I understand that it’s hard for Joss Whedon to get it together on a sequel to Dr. Horrible. Joss is a busy dude, he has Avengers movies to make, and incomprehensible Buffy comics to write and an entire fanbase of crazed Firefly fans to keep appeasing. Also, Nathan Fillion has murders to solve, Felicia Day’s character died, plus she’s busy being adorable on the internet, and NPH has to continue trying to take over the world with high fives and suits.

Wait, that’s not what How I Met Your Mother is about?

But seriously, man, get it together. You’re the guy who NEVER LETS ANYTHING GO. It’s been 10 years, and you’re still writing Buffy comics, for God’s sake. (I’m sorry, I know it seems like I harp on that, but I don’t really get it…I mean, for a year or so, maybe, but 10? 10 years, it’s a long time, is what I’m saying.) You changed the way people looked at internet content (not to mention musicals and Neil Patrick Harris) with Dr. Horrible, and you’re just going to, what? Let it lie?

Would Tony Stark let it lie? I think you proved to us in The Avengers that no, he would not. He would take that nuke by the tail, fly it up in to a portal full of armored lizard people and DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE! Would Captain Mal Reynold let it lie? No! He would get in his ship fly out against those Reavers and stand up, even if it means killing the most likable member of his crew! (Wash, tied with Kayleigh, but only Wash died.) Would Buffy let it lie? OK, Buffy might, because she tended to get really emo and whiny about stuff, but then Giles, or Faith, or Willow or Xander would convince her NOT TO.

Oh we get it. You hate this. Now say something sassy and use your super powers to kill some demons. That’s what the people came to see.

So, Mr. Whedon, I guess what I’m saying is do what your characters would do, and step up. Give us a Dr. Horrible sequel.

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