The Man in The Blue Box

Many girls have the fantasy of a mysterious stranger coming in to their boring work-a-day lives and sweeping them off their feet to a world of adventure or excitement or other things.

For a very long time, for me, that fantasy belonged exclusively to this actor:

That’s Milo Ventimiglia. He was Rory Gilmore’s kind of boyfriend for two and a half season and then he was a superhero…kind of. Then he was Rocky’s son. During all of that, I used to imagine him coming to my town, being broody and perfect and smart and us running away together.

I bet you had stupid fantasies when you were a teenager too.

Anyway, recently, Milo has been displaced. By this man:

That’s The Doctor. In the Tardis. The difference between my Doctor fantasy and my Milo fantasy is pretty minimal, except for that the Doctor involves more time travel and alien fighting, and less sex. (Please note that thanks to Peter Petrelli, there was still some time travel with Milo, and as long as it’s the David Tennant version, there’s some sex with The Doctor, just you know, less of each.)

With The Doctor, it really is all about the adventure of it. I think that, along with how GD endearing he is, is why Doctor Who has been a successful television franchise for over 40 years. I love the way he gets all quippy and adorable, and how he knows everything. I love the fact that he’s a pacifist superhero. (And not in a Batman, “I won’t kill my enemies, but I don’t have to save them either,” way, like a real, he’ll go out of his way to keep everyone safe way!) I love how Doctor Who manages to tackle huge issues like racism, sexism, homophobia, war etc. without ever coming off as preachy or heavy handed. And it can be funny at the exact same time.

I think without even trying I can count the number of my fangirl friends who want to run away and be the newest companion to The Doctor. Even if it’s in a totally platonic way, (like Amy Pond or Donna Noble) or in a kind of romantic that develops into a totally romantic way, (Rose Tyler), or as a tortured unrequited crush (Martha Jones, Jack Harkness), or as an epic only true match for him in the Universe (River Song, allegedly, I’m still not sold on this).

I can’t wait to see how we meet the next companion, except for that I’m afraid it will mean we’ll lose Amy and Rory to something horrible.

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