Assemble The Man Candy!

Unemployment does have some benefits. Not the least of which is having loads of free time throughout the day to go see movies that you didn’t get to see when all of your friends did because you were attending a bridal shower for your cousin’s fiance.

That’s an oddly specific example I know, but that’s the reason why I didn’t get to see Joss Whedon trots out his aresenal of plot tropes with Marvel Superheroes… I mean, The Avengers it’s opening weekend. I did however wake up this morning feeling more than a little blue, so I decided to take a subway up to Union Square and coughed up $25 (Ticket, Small Popcorn and Medium Diet Coke) and sat down to enjoy some superhero fun time action.

And to oogle.

Mostly the oogling.

Here’s the thing with the Marvel Studio movies, I love them. I think they’re immensely fun and well executed. I love the quippy dialog, fast paced sequences and the amazing way they’ve linked all of the films together (despite there being 3 different Bruce Banners). But the thing that I love the most, are the beautiful, beautiful men that are commissioned to play the superheroes.

Of course I cheered when Ironman took down the terrorists who imprisoned him to build a bomb. But not quite as much as I did when Tony Stark smoothly whisked Pepper Pots out onto a balcony in a tux and told her he had feelings for her.

I loved it when Dr. Bruce Banner decided to become the Hulk and fight The Abomination. But not as much as when he was running around a jungle half dressed.

Captain America fighting Nazis. Yay! Captain America running in a wife beater through Brooklyn. Super yay!


Sorry, I got lost for a minute there.My point being, that I’m a fangirl, and fangirls like to see really hot guys. It helps when they’re fighting bad guys (dragons in midtown, or whatever those were), and bantering with each other.

The Avengers did not disappoint on that front. I spent so much time trying not to giggle as Thor…Thor…OK, look when I think about Chris Hemsworth’s performance (abs, arms and long blond hair) I have trouble creating a coherent sentence. It was the same in the movie Thor.  

I also love seeing the great Mougar (Male Cougar) Robert Downey Jr. do his thing, I’ve had a crush on Chris Evans ever since The Nanny Diaries, (seeing him and Scarlett Johansson together again, however limited the capacity was wonderful), and Mark Ruffalo is dreamy in a scruffy wonderful way.

The Avengers totally delivered on the man candy front. In other ways it was deeply flawed. I’m just saying that they have something for every girl, (or inclined guy) to fantasize about. For me it’s Thor.

Seriously, guys, the arms, and the hammer, and the whole Norse God thing…I melt just thinking about it.

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